Meta’s Facebook and Instagram Services Fully Restored Following Global Outage

Meta’s Facebook and Instagram Services Fully Restored Following Global Outage

Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram swiftly bounced back into operation on Tuesday, resolving a widespread disruption that affected countless users worldwide for over two hours.

Technical Glitch Resolved, Platforms Operational Again

The interruption commenced around 10 a.m. ET (1500 GMT), causing users across the globe to report being abruptly logged out of Facebook and Instagram, with subsequent inability to log back in. However, both platforms swiftly regained functionality, bringing relief to their vast user base.

Monitoring for Malicious Activity

The White House National Security Council closely monitored the situation but found no indication of specific malicious cyber activity at the time, according to a spokesperson’s statement.

Extent of Disruption

At its peak, over 550,000 reports of disruptions were recorded for Facebook, while Instagram faced about 92,000 reports, as per data from the outage tracking website

Meta’s Response

Addressing the issue, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone acknowledged the technical glitch, stating, “Earlier today, a technical issue caused people to have difficulty accessing some of our services. We resolved the issue… for everyone who was impacted.”

Market Impact

Meta’s shares experienced a slight decline of 1.2% in afternoon trading amidst the outage, though the company has not yet provided detailed insights into the technical problem.

User Base and Additional Services

Meta boasts a colossal user base, with approximately 3.19 billion daily active users across its suite of applications, including WhatsApp and Threads. While WhatsApp Business API also faced temporary issues, disruptions for WhatsApp and Threads were relatively minor compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Internal Impact

Reports surfaced from Meta employees on anonymous platforms like Blind, expressing concerns over accessing internal work systems during the outage, leading to speculations about potential layoffs.

Social Media Reactions

The outage garnered significant attention across various platforms, with Elon Musk, owner of X, formerly Twitter, seizing the opportunity to humorously remark on Meta’s predicament. Meanwhile, X itself has encountered its fair share of service disruptions since Musk’s acquisition, underlining the fragility of digital platforms.

In conclusion, while the temporary disruption caused inconvenience to millions, Meta’s swift resolution underscores its commitment to ensuring seamless user experiences across its platforms.

Disclaimer: The article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent outage experienced by Meta-owned platforms Facebook and Instagram, along with its impact and subsequent resolution. Any opinions or interpretations presented are solely those of the author.

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